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The Brief

Hello, this might be a big post so brace yourselves. So the task i’ve got is to create something using stuff like after effects and importing some CGI over the top and composite them together.

I have a few ideas, well i did have…

The first one was going to be some sort of flooding or tidal wave hitting a building and i’ve got a main character trying to escape. I would of used real flow and done some motion tracking. Now what i didnt relise untill the other day, we’re not allowed to film. So im thinking of scrapping that idea.

The Second Idea i had is ridiculous… and yeah it also involves filming or simply a lot of animation, last year i made a drawing of a sortov rock elemental giant that lives in a cave/lair. I was thinking of recreating this scene with some destruction physics like using the plugin Rayfire for 3DsMax. But also the idea of this would involve some sort of narrative or it could even be a short clip from a film. Im thinking lord of the rings style scene.

The Third Idea i had was to Film my sister and her friends doing some sort of circus skills, as they are very good at that sort of thing. My inspiration came from dubstep guns (a corridor digital production on youtube) i was thinking of using trapcode particular or something similar to have a very vibrant colourfull film. The plan was to have the performers doing insane skills with juggling balls, hoola hoops, poi etc. and then compositing particle effects over the top of the props they use to get amazing ribbons of light. I would of also used Rayfire so perhaps they can be using Poi balls to smash through walls and shatter things to bits. This could of also had some sort of simple narative like they are dueling with magic or something. I was really looking forward to this idea as it would benefit my sister but also sounds cool.

So im a bit stuck here, no video, just pictures. Hmmm, i could perhaps take pictures of the performers and they could do there thing, then animate them but it seems like that would be very hard. it would be cool and very stylized but it wasnt really what im into.

Well i’ve got a new idea now, but it doesnt really make much sense. I want to make a Jet fighter in 3D and animate it going through complex patterns in a trippy universe, its simple but its not gonna be a piece of cake. Im not sure if just being creative without narrative stucture is a good idea, i want to make an impact on the audience somehow. If i do decide to do something like this it’ll probably combine every plugin i wanted to use in the first place, Realflow/Rayfire/Trapcode Particular/Vray.


Ryan Essay

Animated Documentarys like ryan worked well, the combonation of the surreal to illustrate feelings and expression makes it easier to see whats happening to peoples emotions if you cannot sense it. By doing this technique physco-realism it achieved emotional effect because it had a different side to the emotion you cannot usually see. The impressions i got from both Chris and Ryan in the film bascically were Chris feels like Ryan is so much alike him and wants to find out how Ryan had such a downfall so he can help himself avoid what Ryan went through.
I Liked the film because it was very original, even though the graphics we’re not great because of the technology at the time, it still gives off just as much effect cause it was well made. I thought the film reminded me alot of myself therefore it made me think.

I’ll attatch my Essay Here

Ryan Essay

Geoff 😀

Game Modding Info Searching

Hey ya’ll

So we had this task to find different pieces of information about a chosen subject, i for one chose game modding. i chose it because its a huge interest of mine as i’ve also done a little bit of modding myself. The Search proccess wasn’t too hard really, i didn’t do an indepth advanced search because the topic was rather broad and i really didnt know what i was looking for. Neither did i know what i could discuss about the topic. The problem i encountered was the confusion of what am i doing, so i came to the conclusion, this is just to show we can harvard reverence. I Did find some nice information anyway about modding the source engine so i might give that a go at some point 😛

I’ll attatch my power point to this Blog post

Geoff 😀 X

Game Modding

Screencast Aftermath!


So we’ve just viewed our screencasts to the class today and i guess im okay with how mine went, yes people picked up on my nerves while i was recording so i need to improve on this. I also thought others made alot more of an effort to visually show how they made VFX within after effects using screenshots. I Wish i still had the project files from back then so i could of filmed this but i lost it all a long time ago. I was very impressed with how some of the others in our class were so good at after effects, Joes especially really opened my eyes to how his text animations to Michael Macintire was made using a huge image in photoshop. I thought maybe the script i had was good because it was alot more personal in a way. I just hope if i do something similar like this again that i will pass when it is graded properlly as i wasn’t sure i did the right thing.

Geoff 🙂

LinkedIn Discussions

Hallam Media Arts group on linkedIn definatly raised some interesting news that i didnt know about, I wish i could only say more but im not very sure about things like the ecconomy yet or how game companys work financially so i havent made a comment… i do however think every game should be available on steam because its an amazing program and its international, therefore why should it matter where you develop your game. the problem is, not everyone uses steam yet and theres other companys at the moment trying to break them! (Yes Im Pointing AT EA) origin is…!  If everyone used steam and every game company sold their game on steam, the world of game selling would be such a more simple place. Yes i do love a DVD & Box to go with my collection and so i can quickly reinstall stuff and looks nice on the shelf, so in that way i think all games should be available to register on steam, as to not destroy game shops in town. This is only one piece of the point really. And OMG when are they going to make games largely cross-platform!


I do on the otherhand see the total mess Tekken X Street Fighter have gotten themselves into whereas how to dodge projectiles, as both games are almost completely different play styles. I have made a comment about this on LinkedIn so read here >

Other than that, I’ll definatly look into how to Harvard Reference Properlly when i really reference something. 🙂 And also i made a comment on an animation called ‘Artificial Paradice Inc.’ i really liked to Melvins discussion you can view it here >

Geoff 😀

Screencast Woo!

Hey Everyone, I’d like to inform you all that ive just recently finnished a screencast to contextualize the TV Ident i made a year ago or so. I Believe its ok…ish, i dont like my voice but i cant exactly do anything about that LOL (Yeah i know i could of added Reverb if i wanted to sound cool… No) But i’m just a little annoyed that i couldnt fit any other projects into the screencast to talk about as i had soo much to say about the TV Ident… Thats why i chose it. When the project was being made, Me and Katy really thought about this piece so thats why. However im not very sure we had to talk about several projects, i mean if i chose to talk about a game in 3-4 mins then i guess i would only do one. The thing thats been dragging me down this week to get things done on time is pretty much down to social life getting interesting and the fact that i hate my old work so it didnt exactly excite me. i could of done a screencast about battlefield 3 but i hear someone else is doing that so yeah i didnt want to copy, also maybe my own work would be much easier to talk about.

Anyway, i guess i like the way i’ve edited the screencast. its not perfect at all but its ok, i atleast synced up parts of the footage to what i was talking about at the time as i wanted to. it also i guess gives off a bit of my personallity without sounding too weird, i think im just nervous about it as my flatmates must think im going crazy talking to myself. Overall i liked the way i opened my screencast being to the point then going straight into talking about the TV Ident, then i did a little bit of cropping and such. Maybe i could of tried harder to condense this script.

Heres The Screencast –

Geoff 😀

A Fresh Start


Well… its been a crazy week, freshers week was wicked.

It seems im off to a slow start, still trying to settle into my new life because every day has been a busy one. I Just hope i can get the paperwork done in time.

However on a Good start, i seem to be one of the more experienced ones in After Effects and 3DsMax, the post production side of things has been awesome, i like the fact that the we’ve been stuck right into editing software so soon as this is my favourite part of the industry. I did a nice job in the after effects lesson where we had to place a tractor with moving parts into a scene made of cut up hills, trees and sky, I sort of did my own thing in the end by animating the hill sides to grow closer while having some focus blur on everything at the right time. It’s definatly helped my skills in after effects. Furthermore i really enjoyed the 3DsMax day where we made Wine Glasses and rendered them in Mental Ray (Shame it wasnt V-Ray :P) but still it looked good. Even though i almost knew how to do most of it before, i learnt some much better ways of doing them, and its definitely taught me something and its set in stone now.

On the Research side of things, i seem to be struggling a little bit more but i guess im just not very awake yet from the freshers week ha. but what i tend to try hard to do when it comes to thinking about how to write about something, i really try to think outside the box but hopefully remain to the point. Writing has never been my strength but even how painful it can be for me sometimes trying to even start the first word. Im gonna attatch the power point Blane and I made to this post and the script that went with it, Enjoy 😀

Geoff 😀

LinkedIn & Blogs Presentation

LinkedIn & Blogs Presentation Script