A Fresh Start


Well… its been a crazy week, freshers week was wicked.

It seems im off to a slow start, still trying to settle into my new life because every day has been a busy one. I Just hope i can get the paperwork done in time.

However on a Good start, i seem to be one of the more experienced ones in After Effects and 3DsMax, the post production side of things has been awesome, i like the fact that the we’ve been stuck right into editing software so soon as this is my favourite part of the industry. I did a nice job in the after effects lesson where we had to place a tractor with moving parts into a scene made of cut up hills, trees and sky, I sort of did my own thing in the end by animating the hill sides to grow closer while having some focus blur on everything at the right time. It’s definatly helped my skills in after effects. Furthermore i really enjoyed the 3DsMax day where we made Wine Glasses and rendered them in Mental Ray (Shame it wasnt V-Ray :P) but still it looked good. Even though i almost knew how to do most of it before, i learnt some much better ways of doing them, and its definitely taught me something and its set in stone now.

On the Research side of things, i seem to be struggling a little bit more but i guess im just not very awake yet from the freshers week ha. but what i tend to try hard to do when it comes to thinking about how to write about something, i really try to think outside the box but hopefully remain to the point. Writing has never been my strength but even how painful it can be for me sometimes trying to even start the first word. Im gonna attatch the power point Blane and I made to this post and the script that went with it, Enjoy 😀

Geoff 😀

LinkedIn & Blogs Presentation

LinkedIn & Blogs Presentation Script


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