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Hallam Media Arts group on linkedIn definatly raised some interesting news that i didnt know about, I wish i could only say more but im not very sure about things like the ecconomy yet or how game companys work financially so i havent made a comment… i do however think every game should be available on steam because its an amazing program and its international, therefore why should it matter where you develop your game. the problem is, not everyone uses steam yet and theres other companys at the moment trying to break them! (Yes Im Pointing AT EA) origin is…!  If everyone used steam and every game company sold their game on steam, the world of game selling would be such a more simple place. Yes i do love a DVD & Box to go with my collection and so i can quickly reinstall stuff and looks nice on the shelf, so in that way i think all games should be available to register on steam, as to not destroy game shops in town. This is only one piece of the point really. And OMG when are they going to make games largely cross-platform!


I do on the otherhand see the total mess Tekken X Street Fighter have gotten themselves into whereas how to dodge projectiles, as both games are almost completely different play styles. I have made a comment about this on LinkedIn so read here >

Other than that, I’ll definatly look into how to Harvard Reference Properlly when i really reference something. 🙂 And also i made a comment on an animation called ‘Artificial Paradice Inc.’ i really liked to Melvins discussion you can view it here >

Geoff 😀


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