Screencast Aftermath!


So we’ve just viewed our screencasts to the class today and i guess im okay with how mine went, yes people picked up on my nerves while i was recording so i need to improve on this. I also thought others made alot more of an effort to visually show how they made VFX within after effects using screenshots. I Wish i still had the project files from back then so i could of filmed this but i lost it all a long time ago. I was very impressed with how some of the others in our class were so good at after effects, Joes especially really opened my eyes to how his text animations to Michael Macintire was made using a huge image in photoshop. I thought maybe the script i had was good because it was alot more personal in a way. I just hope if i do something similar like this again that i will pass when it is graded properlly as i wasn’t sure i did the right thing.

Geoff πŸ™‚


One thought on “Screencast Aftermath!

  1. I was blown away by the quality of students’ previous work across the board, regardless of technical issues with screencasts. So many talented people with such diverse skills πŸ™‚

    If you wanted to do a game you should’ve gone and done it, regardless of who else may be doing it. But I am glad most showed their own work. Some screencasts were less than perfect, but this was the nature of the task – no time available for perfecting, just a ‘quick and dirty’ try, to see what are the challenges etc. Most of what i have seen this week exceeded my expectations anyway, not rthat I had low expectations, burt considering the time restrictions and you guys still settling into the Uni life. Voice-over problems are absolutely normal for the first screencast.

    Good blog so far, keep it up!

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