Screencast Woo!

Hey Everyone, I’d like to inform you all that ive just recently finnished a screencast to contextualize the TV Ident i made a year ago or so. I Believe its ok…ish, i dont like my voice but i cant exactly do anything about that LOL (Yeah i know i could of added Reverb if i wanted to sound cool… No) But i’m just a little annoyed that i couldnt fit any other projects into the screencast to talk about as i had soo much to say about the TV Ident… Thats why i chose it. When the project was being made, Me and Katy really thought about this piece so thats why. However im not very sure we had to talk about several projects, i mean if i chose to talk about a game in 3-4 mins then i guess i would only do one. The thing thats been dragging me down this week to get things done on time is pretty much down to social life getting interesting and the fact that i hate my old work so it didnt exactly excite me. i could of done a screencast about battlefield 3 but i hear someone else is doing that so yeah i didnt want to copy, also maybe my own work would be much easier to talk about.

Anyway, i guess i like the way i’ve edited the screencast. its not perfect at all but its ok, i atleast synced up parts of the footage to what i was talking about at the time as i wanted to. it also i guess gives off a bit of my personallity without sounding too weird, i think im just nervous about it as my flatmates must think im going crazy talking to myself. Overall i liked the way i opened my screencast being to the point then going straight into talking about the TV Ident, then i did a little bit of cropping and such. Maybe i could of tried harder to condense this script.

Heres The Screencast –

Geoff 😀


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