The Treatment [Digital Compositing]

For this module we had to create a short piece of work using digital compositing techniques. For my project I invented a short story about a commercial airline pilot flying across the ocean to a holiday destination. The pilot begins to get tired and his co-pilot is not in the cock-pit at the time so he switches the plane to auto-pilot. Just as this happens he falls into a strange dream where he is transformed into a Fighter Jet Pilot flying through a psychedelic artistic Universe.
For the first scene as there is no filming allowed, I will rotoscope my friend Ben as the pilot using Adobe Flash and exporting to after effects, the actor will pretend to be pressing the buttons and falling asleep. One of the key shots to this part will be the angle I will start filming Ben at when he’s asleep and rotating the camera to become face on to him so I can nicely morph his face into the fighter jet pilot to better show the transformation as he enters the dream.
The artistic style of my piece will be a mix between fully 3D CGI and rotoscoped black and white drawings, the drawings will contain various parts for green screening. Such as while inside the plane’s cockpit view, the windows will be green screened out to contain the landscape and 3D elements in the background. Furthermore to this, both the Boeing 737 and the F-16 Fighter Jet will be modeled and rendered using 3DsMax as a PNG Sequence to get an alpha channel for crisp edges. The windows of the planes will be masked out when the camera is outside the plane looking through the windows, this is not a problem as these scenes won’t have much motion in anyway.
The first scene of the plane crossing the ocean will be fully rendered in 3D using mental ray, texture displacement, key framing, and reflections for the ocean. There will be a Daylight System inbuilt to the scene so I can create a nice sunset effect on the ripples of the sea, this however may not end up the right colour I am looking for so it will need to be colour graded afterwards in after effects. There will also be a sky with clouds layered behind the Sea. Both the Sea and sky will be position key framed at times to show change in angles and extra motion.
Finally the journey through the universe will begin as the jet pilot (close up) then zooming out the window to reveal the 3D f-16 jet, there will be a spinning turbine at the front for extra detail within the jet. The Jet will fly through the universe at various angles and depending on how far I get with the edit, will define how interesting the dream gets using a variety of other plug-ins and effects. To replicate the Light sources from the backgrounds I make, I will place various photometric lighting around the scene instead of using HDRI. Also the text for this piece will be a comic book style like in the film ‘Scott Pilgrim VS The World’ whereas various actions like explosions or movement will be highlighted using animated text.


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