The Deadline has arrived and the project is coming to an end, all the loose ends finally tied together in some way or another. The way I feel about my piece is, I am happy with how it is but not satisfied. When I came up with this idea I was a little overexcited and over confident about what I could do, however things got in the way and the project was left for last minute mayhem. I do like the look of how the flight scene started out as when the rotoscope footage was mixed with the horizon sunset, it did look nice enough. I am not happy with how allot of this was rushed such as the 3D towards the end was very rough in my opinion, the main problem was when I ran into not knowing how to do something and I was using a lot of time learning and not creating.
However I’ve had some good responses already, my flat mate Adam seemed to be very impressed by the visual effects, “Wow!” was his response. Blane said he really liked my concept while I was half way in production because of the mix between rotoscope and CGI.
I’ve learned a nice chunk of After Effects and 3Dsmax from doing this project, not only what the program can do but such as how long things take to do. Furthermore I think my music choice was good but it would have fit the piece better if the second half was made properly. Next time I’ll keep on top of things if I’m going to try make something complex again.


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