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Group Meetings Notes

Took some notes down for what ideas we came up with and discussed.



Well i must say Lighting was always a weakness of mine, so glad we did this. I just think because ive never tried it before i feared it. I do wonder however, when compositing a 3D model into a scene that is lit interestingly with coloured gels and such… how would you replicate that lighting in a 3D program, im guessing you’d do it manually by placing Computer generated Lights in the scene corrisponding to where they were in real life but its got to be tricky. Or you could get a Spherical image if the 3D object has reflections to create a HDRI, but then the lighting rig would be in the image hmmm.

On another note anyway, it looks like we figured our group out now. Me (Geoff), Blane, Joe, Tom and Craig.

Ive had a few random visions of what we are going to make, when using lighting.


XM2’s OOOooooo


Righto the cameras we used today were cool i guess, the only thing i didnt like was that when you filmed in 16:9 it would stretch to fit the 4:3 display screen on the camera and i found that a tad disorientating when trying to frame stuff nice.

Oh well, good lesson anyway… i gotta try experiment with all the settings alot more someday. I was wondering whether you could increase the filming framerate on the XM2’s because that would be sooo cool to get some slow motion in our film.

When we went out to practice using the camera’s i somehow regret not making a short news sketch. If me and Tom did make it, we would of faked a live avalanche because of the snow being everywhere at the time using a bit of forced perspective.

Another Module

Hey guys

Ok so we’ve got to make a 10 minuite movie that shows off more advanced camera techniques and lighting and such. Also using computer visual effects is permitted 😥

So far all i can say is we dont have an idea yet, but to be honest im not really looking forward to using final cut pro and mac’s for editing… well i cant be picky in this industry anyway so bring it on.

in-camera visual effects 😀 sounds cool