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Commence Moviefilm!!


Self Assessment

The 10 minute short film panned out as an interesting result, we set ourselves the task to create a ‘docufiction’ illustrating the lifestyle of a hardcore video game addict.
From the beginning, everyone in the group all had around the same similar strengths for our industry. Throughout the project we couldn’t really pinpoint who was going to do what, until the first person came to actually doing it. In one of our meetings we all discussed this idea for a video game addiction film; all of us input equal ideas for the project. However Blane was particularly keen to get on and write the script and storyline, the final film result came to be an odd but pleasing stylised piece.

I thought the project was a little un-organized but it definitely brought to me a better understanding of how things should be done. I thought the idea for sharing the roles was a nice idea but I felt it didn’t really work as because after a while everyone became acquainted in what they had the most experience with. Joe was particularly good at filming as he had the most time using the camera, and also took a large share of the editing process therefore he had more experience so he could of just done all of it, In order to keep with continuity and editing styles.

Personally I felt I could have done much more within this project. My weakness became the other module I was working on. Two of my group members left the ‘integrated project’ module, so it had taken up so much of my time as I did the majority of it. I know from doing this project I have learnt a huge amount about technical things such as lighting and filming, depth of field was one thing I had wanted to practice and really understand for ages.

I thought my strengths within this group were that I considered so many possibilities and spotted problems before they happened, such as lighting, storyline, and keeping things original etc. I’m good at thinking outside the box. I definitely would try working in a group again but in future I would make sure things get done quicker and in the right order to save confusion.

My ability to work in groups is fine, I just wish I had more knowledge and control over the project. Usually I tend to find myself better at working alone. I also was responsible for the odd things like filming at my flat and acting alongside Blane. When it came to drawing the storyboards, I knew I would possibly be the right person for the job; I seemed to have the most skill for drawing in the group, even for rough sketches. I also did not know a useful website like Parashoot existed before doing this module; I will definitely be using this in future, its the small steps like these that helped me better understand the industry.