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My 3D rock man is looking kinda cool now, but i want it better. I’ve been looking at Zbrush and it looks awesome, but I am not sure if it’ll be too complicated to use.






So far I’m not quite sure yet how i’m going to make the odd rocky geometry



Animation Techniques for Visual Effects

I’ve got a little story concept.

Its about 2 boys that come across these magical stones. They are walking towards a hill for some reason and the stones activate and fragments from the stones go towards the top of the hill.


The fragments burrow into the ground and awaken the rock giant, the beast is unleashed in the outskirts of the city, but it begins to stomp towards the city.

Initial Idea


I have an Idea. A long time ago i drew this guy, so i could make it in 3D. Now with my new skills I’ve learnt the time has come to finnaly create this guy



I Drew up these front and side images to help as a reference



Imported them both into 3DStudio Max and began the 3D modelling




Visual Confusion

Hey Peeps,

New Assignment… Alice in Wonderland Style. How Awesome, but also quite conveinient! o.O

So the basic idea for this project is to make a compositing video keylighting layers of live action footage with a greenscreen. This could also mean i can use small objects like little models and make them huge. Im guessing the idea for this video is to make it as ‘trippy’ as possible, preferably through a route of events.

Anyway… this is rather conveinient as my sister Charlie had mentioned to me a few months back that she had been working on and has now finnished a new hula hoop performance under the Alice in Wonderland theme, she asked me to make a video for her promoting her performance proffesionally. To my knowledge she probably has some appropriate costumes aswell.

Cannot wait to see how this group project pans out, but i hope i get to use her for this project as it not only will help me on this course but improve my industry reputation.