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Think i might get rid of the story aspect, and just have him awaken and break from a cliff face. Then smash up a building or two. Keeping it simple ūüėõ

Furthermore the Zbrush is looking pretty sweet now, but I’m getting worried about this¬†poly count¬†thing.¬†Apparently¬†you can project high polygon model detail as a bump map onto a low polygon model, but i¬†don’t¬†see how that will help me much, as i am using Zbrush to sculpt distinct 3D features i¬†wouldn’t¬†easily be able to do in 3DSMax. Also i really like the way the high poly casts shadows in several places.

I should of maybe put more detail in my first model, because i cant easily sculpt the rock mans features with a low-medium polycount model in zbrush, just¬†doesn’t¬†look right.

I’m too far into this model now ūüė¶ i cant start again now.POO


Zbrush is Fun but also Not

So I Been using Zbrush for a little while now and it is pretty damn¬†annoying¬†to navigate, and you can sometimes end up clicking something by mistake and losing your work. The UI layout is pretty weird…

I tried out Mudbox¬†recently¬†and it seemed much more simple to pick up but I am getting used to Zbrush so i think i’ll keep going with that one.

Been trying hard to perfect my first 3dsmax model because i want good topology, and zero holes in my mesh.


Its getting there…

my coursemate Blane is using Zbrush but i think he divided his model too much, as he was having trouble rendering. His model is in the 2 or 4 million polygon region :S

I rendered this frame with Vray and it¬†didn’t¬†take more than 30 seconds, the model has 500,000 polygons.