Zbrush is Fun but also Not

So I Been using Zbrush for a little while now and it is pretty damn annoying to navigate, and you can sometimes end up clicking something by mistake and losing your work. The UI layout is pretty weird…

I tried out Mudbox recently and it seemed much more simple to pick up but I am getting used to Zbrush so i think i’ll keep going with that one.

Been trying hard to perfect my first 3dsmax model because i want good topology, and zero holes in my mesh.


Its getting there…

my coursemate Blane is using Zbrush but i think he divided his model too much, as he was having trouble rendering. His model is in the 2 or 4 million polygon region :S

I rendered this frame with Vray and it didn’t take more than 30 seconds, the model has 500,000 polygons.


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