Brush Problems…

Oh No…

Some of the tools in Zbrush have a tendency to modify the opposite sides of a mesh!

All this time I’ve been making things look cool on the outside, some of the inside is all messed up.

Here is a picture of a tooth i was trying to flatten with the flattten tool in 2 places to bring out a more sharp edge on the middle of the tooth


Heres the opposite side of the tooth



This is has happened and is happening all over my model, the spikes on his back, the feet, pretty much anywhere with a harsh edge or an area where the opposite side of the mesh is close by.

I did eventually find something that almost fixed the brush from doing this, but it didn’t always work.

In the image below sometimes hitting the topological button and adjusting the range would fix it.


I Think it has something to do with my model not being smoothed while i divided the subdivision levels




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