Found a solution, But Created a problem

Found a plug-in with zbrush called Decimation Master, this means i can reconstruct a low poly model but it still looks similar to my high poly model.

However i cant decimate it too much or it stops looking like my model.

So i took it down to 100k polys, which should be alright for rigging. I cant find a definite answer anywhere online to what is a good number for rigging.

The problem now is UV unwrapping this 100k decimated model…

The topology is completely different, i cant even seem to figure out how to get my bump map from my high poly model onto the 100k poly model since the models topology is so different, i dont think its even possible. I tried to divide the 100k model to 2 million polys but this still means i’ll have to paint in some definition. I Cant get it to work anyway, I’ve wasted so much time on this.

Im running out of time and my group project is going downhill because they are not doing much to help me so stressed on this.



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