After understanding Zbrush a lot more now, I’ve learnt that i have made a huge mistake…

I think somewhere along the Zbrush process i was trying to be organized, deleted the lower sub divisions and carried on modifying my model, because of this I’ve made it impossible for me to “bake” my model, therefore i’ll have to re-zbrush my very first model again :/ in order to do what is known as “baking”… its the creation of a bump map onto a low poly model. i tried hitting the reconstruct the lower levels of division button but i just got an error message.

Although i was fairly confident that i would be able to rig a 500k poly model, i changed my mind now cause i don’t want to run into problems.

Furthermore UV Unwrapping is now impossible, 500k polys is too much and it just crashes Zbrush… i been trying to use UV Master which is pretty cool because it allows you to paint where you want seams to be.



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