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Visual Confusion

Hey Peeps,

New Assignment… Alice in Wonderland Style. How Awesome, but also quite conveinient! o.O

So the basic idea for this project is to make a compositing video keylighting layers of live action footage with a greenscreen. This could also mean i can use small objects like little models and make them huge. Im guessing the idea for this video is to make it as ‘trippy’ as possible, preferably through a route of events.

Anyway… this is rather conveinient as my sister Charlie had mentioned to me a few months back that she had been working on and has now finnished a new hula hoop performance under the Alice in Wonderland theme, she asked me to make a video for her promoting her performance proffesionally. To my knowledge she probably has some appropriate costumes aswell.

Cannot wait to see how this group project pans out, but i hope i get to use her for this project as it not only will help me on this course but improve my industry reputation.